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Get your Sperm Fitter!


AVOID HOT BATHS AND TIGHT UNDERWEAR. The scrotum keeps the testes' temperature a few degrees below body temperature. If it gets overheated or constricted, sperm production slows down and can even stop...

2) STOP SMOKING. Toxins in cigarette smoke damage sperm. Smoking also lowers testosterone levels, affecting the development of sperm.
3) CUT DOWN BOOZE.Alcohol interferes with testosterone secretion, reducing sperm production and decreasing male sex drive.
4) INCREASE ZINC, SELENIUM LEVELS AND FOLIC ACID. Zinc and selenium play a major role in protecting sperm. Zinc also helps 'fuel' the sperm's journey towards the egg..
Zinc is found in foods like red meat, poultry, and fortified cereals, but nevertheless many individuals do not get enough of this trace element unless they take supplements.
A study found that giving infertile men selenium improved their fertility.
Diet - selenium
Food Sources: Fish, shellfish, red meat, grains, eggs, chicken, liver, and garlic are all good sources of selenium. The amount of selenium in vegetables is dependent on the selenium content of the soil. Brewer´s yeast and wheat germ, both considered "health foods," are also good sources of selenium.
Folic acid (folate) occurs in foods such as green, leafy vegetables, legumes and oranges


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Embryo transfer. Fertilisation-IVF. Fertilised Oocyte.
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The fertilized oocytes are
cultured until the day of
embryo transfer.

100,000 spermatozoa are added to each egg andincubated until the next morning.

The fertilised oocyte.
showing two pronuclei.
One from each