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Photograghs of Vitrification

Open system




The solutions are prepared.
mitera The solutions help the cells survive the super cooling process.

Special straws are used for the storage of the eggs or embryos in liquid nitrogen.
1: The open "straw"/cryoleaf.
2: The cryoleaf  with protective sheath covers the outer tip.    
3: The external cover.  



The embryo is held on  the tip of the cryoleafand it's cover slides over it (1).


load The embryologist places the embryo or oocyte through a series of solutions preparing the cell for very low temperatures.
vitrification After this, the sample is placed on the special straw/ cryoleaf. 
embryologist The straw is plunged into immediatly into liquid nitrogen. 

The protective cover slides over the tip. The external sheath is placed around it.

The sample is stored.



The dilutions of warming media are prepared. 
warming-embryos The sample is removed from it's storage in liquid nitrogen.  
biologist The straw is plunged into the first solution for instant thawing. 
dish The embryo or oocyte detaches from the straw and is suspended in the media.

The embryo or oocyte is passed through a series of dilutions to resume its normal physiological state.

Afterwards, it is placed in an incubator until it is time for embryo transfer.




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