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Photographs of Embryo Development


oocyte The oocyte/egg-
Surrounded by a protein coat called the Zona Pellucida.
pro The 1st Day-
The fertilised egg contains 2 pro-nuclei: one containing the genetic material from the mother the other containing the genetic material from the father.
two-cell 2nd Day-
The fertilised egg divides into 2 equal  cells.
Then, a second division producing 4 identical cells.
day-three 3rd Day-
The embryo now becomes 8 cells~72 ώρες after ferilisation.
blastocyst 5th/6th Day-         
The blastocyst is formed. The cells become differentiated.



Until now the embryo did not increase in size, but at the blastocyst stage a increase in size starts.

The swollen blastocyst begins to herniate from its protein shell. (hatching).

hatching The Hatched Blastocyst-the final stage before implantation., completely free from the zona pellucida



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