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In Vitro Development

The oocyte after ovulation/ oocyte retrieval eggpic Cumulus cells surround the oocyte. One purpose of these cells is to prevent all the spermatozoa from arriving at the surface of the oocyte at the same time
The oocyte without its surrounding cells. Visable is the protein coat called the Zona Pellucida surrounds the oocyte egg-picture A few cumulus cells remain.
1st day- the fertilized oocyte contains 2 nuclei (one containing half the DNA of the mother, the other half the DNA from the father) black
2 pronuclei are visible to the embryologist, 16-20 hours after fertilization
2nd day-The developing embryo at the 4 cell stage. nice-embryo Visable are four blastomeres (cells).
3rd day- 8-cell stage. eight-embryo All cells are the same
5th /6th day – The blastocyst stage.
The blastocyst increases in volume and hatches from its protein coat
image-blastocyst The cell start to become specialized-Outer cells that will become the placenta and inner cells (at "6 o' clock") that will become the actual embryo.