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The fertilized oocytes (zygotes) are selected and further cultured until the day of embryo transfer either a) on the 2nd day (2-4 cell stages) b) 3rd day (6-8 cell stage) or c) 5th/6th day (blastocyst stage).If many oocytes are fertilized and are of “good quality” the surplus of embryos may be frozen for a possible future attempt.

The embryo transfer is a painless procedure, performed without anesthetic-usually taking 5-10 minutes and can be likened to a simple PAP test. The embryos are placed in a catheter and introduced into the uterus vaginally.

The number of embryos replaced depends on their “quality”, age of the patient and outcome of previous IVF attempts.

What day is best for my embryo transfer?

fourcell-embryo 2nd Day
2-4 cells
3nd Day
6-8 cells
5nd /6 nd Day
Blastocyst stage