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Embryo Culture



Embryo Culture


The semen sample is prepared and the final solution incubated in the embryological laboratory.



Centrifuge tube.

For each couple their names are written on all tubes and dishes, together with a colour code.

During the egg collection-The cumulus oocyte complex (egg) is observed in the follicular fluid and placed in a dish containing culture media until fertilization. 


Culture dish.


The cumulus oocyte complex is placed with the spermatozoa solution and incubated overnight in wells containing culture media.



If icsi is performed the oocytes are cleaned, injected with a single spermatozoa and incubated overnight.


Four well culture dish.

The following day the fertilized oocytes are separated from the unfertilized oocytes.

The developing embryos are observed, photographed and the day of transfer decided.



The embryos are moved from well to well depending on development potential and nutritional requirements.

The chosen embryos are places in a dish containing culture media and are aspirated with a specially designed catheter.
The fertility specialist then performs the embryo transfer.


Transfer dish.