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Blastocyst grading system


The blastocyst grading system (Gardner)

early_bc 1. Blastocoel cavity less than half the volume of the blastocyst.
early_blastocyst 2. Blastocyst cavity more than half the volume.
blastocyst 3. Full Blastocyst-the blastocoel is filling the embryo.
blastocyst 4. Expanded Blastocyst-the cavity is larger than the embryo and zona thinning occurs.
blastocyst 5. Hatching Blastocyst-the trophectoderm/ outer layer is hatching out of its shell.
zonablastocyst 6.Hatched Blastocyst. The blastocyst has completely hatched from the zona pellucida.
Inner cell mass quality (ICM):

A. Many cells, tightly packed.
B. Several cells, loosely packed.
C. Few cells.

Trophectoderm quality:

A. Many cells, forming a cohesive layer.
B. Several cells, loose epithelium.
C. Few cells.